Major Canadian meteorological stations

Established in 1871 the Meteorological Service of Canada also abbreviated as MSC has been working to provide accurate weather information to Canadians. The fact is that MSC has been indulged in much internationals collaboration as well. The forecast offices or the metrological stations are established all over Canada so that weather can be monitored easily. The MSC is known for accurate info and weather check that has been related to the well-being of businesses and economy of the country. Private associations such as HBC are also managed by the department and the related observatories can also be accessed by the general public. The observations or weather stations in Canada are in abundance and spread across the country. According to the latest stats published by MSC, there are 1050+ observatories in Canada to manage weather-related tasks.


The ABEE AGDM ALBERTA is located in Alberta and is responsible for all the weather forecast of the province. Though the complete province is not covered by this it surely covers a large part. The best part of this observatory is that once the data has been compiled it shares it with large websites all over Canada. The data is updated every 30 minutes so that the visitors remain update. Like any other weather station in Canada, this one also provides accurate information. The forecast of up to a week can easily be had from the data of this observatory. From precipitation to UV index this station shares the data with the users that are weather conscious.


Agassiz is a small community in BC province of Canada. The observatory here can check and forecast the weather up to 100km. It means that Vancouver weather can easily be tracked and recorded. This place is known for producing the info that is critical to the citizens of BC. The Agassiz is a hilly town and accuracy of predictions is therefore very important. It is one of the very few observatories that have been keenly observed by other stations to get data from. The station shares data directly with MSC which distributes it to the sources deemed necessary.


It is a private observatory in Canada that deals with the data sharing and communication. The most of the parts of the province are covered by this observatory and station. The weather-related info of the Atlantic is also gathered so that the Canadian Navy presence in the region can be made stronger. The critical tasks which are performed by the station make it very important and give a prominent position among the other stations of the country.  The management of the station is great and can also be visited to see how the work is done.


GEORGE ISLAND (AUT) MANITOBA Weather Station ID 7333The George Island and the surrounding area are completely covered by this station. It is also connected via satellite to the main center of MSC in the region. The purpose is to share and transfer data. The work has been enormous and therefore it is highly regarded.