Sights worth visiting in Chicoutimi, Canada

Nicknamed as Queen of the North the city of Chicoutimi has a lot to offer. As a borough, it is the largest once with respect to population in the city of Saguenay in Quebec province of Canada. The city has a current population of 66,000 approx. The city has been a center of tourist attraction and people from all over the world visit the historic presence and they also love to attend famous gambling houses, which also belong to Canadian heritage. But today, it became easier to have some fun, now you can just try out a widely known source NBSO casino online listing website, which provides helpful reviews on major gaming sources (ici vous pouvez trouver des informations sur les populaire casino en ligne d’activités si vous parlez français).The guides can be availed easily at every spot that helps a lot in getting to know the city. For all first time visitors, this city provides ample accommodation and recreational facilities.

Le musée de la Petite Maison Blanche

It can be regarded as the main museum of the city but certainly not the only one. From 9 AM to 5 PM each day the visitors can explore the place according to as per their desire. The museum is always full and it is because of masterpieces which are here on display. The review average which has been given to this museum is 4.2/5 which shows that it is interesting and worth paying a visit. The museum initially comprised of 2 houses one out of which was completely destroyed during the downpour. The annihilated house was never rebuilt and to this day the remains can be viewed. It was built in 1900 and was dedicated to the authorities in 2005.

La Pulperie de Chicoutimi – Regional museum

This is the second and the largest museum in the city and therefore it is the famous tourist spot. The regional heritage has been preserved in full and this is the main point which makes this place worth paying a visit. The best part of this museum is that it houses several exhibitions which continue throughout the year and therefore the visitors can plan accordingly. The theme of each exhibition is different so that the genre change becomes attractive. The museum authorities can also be contacted to ensure that exhibition is arranged after payment of prescribed fee. The regular visitors can also get privilege card.

Parc de la Rivière-du-Moulin

This is the most visited tourist spot in Chicoutimi and therefore it is regarded as one of the best ways of exploring the city. The country skiing and hiking are the most important attractions for which this place is known. Due to the high frequency, the families are advised not to visit on weekends if accompanied by kids. The place garners very positive reviews and therefore has always been listed on top of every attraction list of the city made. In a nutshell, it is a must-visit site for all.

Air Defense museum

For all aircraft enthusiasts, this place is a boon. It is because the warplanes from first and Second World War are on display. The air defense museum can also be enjoyed by hopping on the planes with professionals. The different parts of aircrafts are also on display which can be snapped and studied by the students. The guided tours are also offered with soldiers that are not only knowledgeable but also ensure that aircraft info base is enhanced.

Climate and weather of Quebec Province

Quebec is one of the 13 provinces of Canada with the humid climate. The Canadian province is known for its flora and fauna kudos to the variety of climate that prevails. The climate here has been divided regionally according to Koppen Climate types. The three climatic regions of the province are Southern, Western and central Quebec. The climate of the province is closely monitored by the Canadian Meteorological Department. It is because this province is the second largest with respect to population. The climate here affects the life of a large number of Canadians so the proper forecast is very important. There are many tourist spots here so it is important that proper forecast is provided for tourists to plan accordingly. Major predictions and factors are related to the Quebec climate and must be considered before paying a visit.

The province has 4 seasons

The spring, summer, autumn, and winter are the climates which basically prevail throughout the year. The conditions of the climatic zones are different as per the regions in which the province is divided. Unlike most parts of Canada, this province has abundant climate choice and the tourists can visit as per their choice. Before paying a visit it is important that weather forecast is thoroughly studied to avoid any misadventure.

Annual sunshine variation is great

It is also a happening that people of province observe throughout the year. In summer the average sunshine hours are 10.50 and in winter it is 8.37 in June and December respectively. This great change is also a phenomenon which makes this place a must-visit attraction for all. The humidity increases from late July to August and during this period it is not advised to visit the place. The phenomenon of Northern lights and midnight sun can also be enjoyed here. With the rich natural weather, the Quebec is all set to stun the visitors.

There are 4 climatic zones

The Arctic, Sub Arctic, Humid Continental and Eastern Maritime are the 4 zones of the climate of the province. The span of the province makes sure that the climate effect is great. According to Koppen, the greatest effected areas of Quebec are North and South. In the mentioned regions the climate is always too hot or too cold. The snow and sun are on high during the respective seasons which also affect the climate of the region as the whole. The wind chill is also another idea that is related to Quebec winter. Like the sunshine average, the temperature average is also great in the province.

Central region is extreme

The central Quebec has subarctic climate and it is all because of the higher altitude. It is a place where tourists staying when they are in the province. It is all because of the fact that the region has long chilly winters and short summers. Eastern Canada is a region known for chilly winters and central Quebec is one of it. With 300 cm of snow, this region has a high number of visitors that often visit to enjoy snowfall and the natural beauty of the place.